Our early intervention program provides learners with the foundational skills needed for a successful transition to Kindergarten.  Your child will build language, social skills, self-help skills, and appropriate classroom behaviors.  Our engaging curriculum is delivered by our experienced therapists who incorporate treatment into real-world situations.  Daily center rotations consisting of small group instruction, one-to-one therapy, sensory integration, independent, and social play allow for a consistent routine and opportunities to build independence.  Progress is closely monitored by our on-site clinical team to ensure quality and progress.

Top 3 benefits of Early Intervention:

  • More effective when provided earlier in life
  • Changes a child’s developmental path
  • Increase positive relations within the family system

Center Rotations

Small-Group Instruction
Interactive and collaborative activities are presented to build auditory memory, focused attention, sensory experiences, and socialization.

Individual treatment goals are addressed in a structured manner.

Sensory integration
Through senses and motor abilities, children gain an understanding of the world around them.  Various activities such as trampoline jumping, sensory bins, and water play are incorporated throughout the day.

Addresses executive functioning skills by teaching the child how to learn.  With structured activities and visual supports, each learner develops tools to promote independence.

Social Play
Lessons are tailored to engage social interaction among peers.  Basic play skills such as waiting, turn-taking, and following directions are learned.

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