Our Promise:

For over a decade, we’ve worked with children and families to provide the highest quality and most meaningful therapeutic services in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

We recognize each child’s unique gifts and provide families with the tools and confidence to draw out those gifts.  We have built a culture that surrounds children in “unconditional love, freedom, and acceptance” allowing the family to experience the authenticity of their child.

We are committed to bridging the connection to you and your child, and your child to the rest of the world.


Meet the CEO

Executive, holistic activist and entrepreneur, Erin Winston is described by the media as a business savvy, smart empathetic CEO.

Erin is the Founder & CEO of Jacob’s Promise. She set out to serve children with special needs, with a mission to provide holistic methods to families, organizations, and leaders to accelerate connectedness and learning so they can become masters of providing behavior modification to the autistic community.

A former director of behavior therapy of The One World Center for Autism (link: http://www.worldforautism.org/) Erin has the ability to communicate strategic visions to drive business organization goals. Erin is known for her ability to be incredibly intuitive, successfully blending highly customized content with a keen understanding of clients’ needs in her programs and consulting work.

With a unique blend of charisma, humor and empathy, Erin has the uncanny ability to connect with people at all levels, compelling them to make real, lasting change. Yet beneath her powerful assets, she is both authentic and accessible.

As a busy CEO, consultant, media and corporate speaker, Erin practices a holistic lifestyle and being artistically creative and has learned from building Jacob’s Promise unconditional love, freedom and acceptance. She is available for speaking engagements, educational and corporate consulting opportunities.

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