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Behavior analysts identify triggers, functions, and environmental causes for challenging behavior.

  • Challenging behaviors exist because of the childʼs response to the environment.
  • A persons reaction to a behavior is the leading environmental cause for behavior. This determines how often a behavior will increase or decrease 95% of the time.
  • Individualized treatments plans are created based on the results of assessment.

1:1 Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is the leading therapy for children with autism.

  • Individual ABA therapy is known to produce improvements in communication, behavior, social relationships, play, functional life skills, academics, and employment.
  • Autism Speaks reports that children who receive intensive ABA treatment (25-40 hours/week) make larger improvements in more skill areas than children who participate in other interventions.

Family Training

Family training personally empowers parents to manage behavior effectively.

  • Jacobʼs Promise credits parents to be the strongest influence of the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Parents who take an active role in their childʼs treatment plan increase the likelihood of skill acquisition and maintenance over time.
  • Autism Speaks notes that the parents of the children who receive intensive ABA report greater reductions in daily stress than parents whose children receive other treatments.

Generalization & Maintenance

The focus is on practicing acquired skills within the community.

  • Allows a learner to use skills across all people and environments.
  • Learners retain skills over time without the need for new treatment.
  • Provides opportunities to practice newly acquired skills in real world settings.